Kumbakonam Arisi Upma


A pack of 150gms x 2 nos :  The speciality of our Aaharam’s Kumbakonam Arisi Upma lies with the typical flavour of brahmin’s kitchen, which is a regular food with no onion or garlic in its recipes. The style of preparation of this upma has the grannies techniques, which is very good for health and almost taken during Upvas / Vrath. Since there are no extra spices or onion & garlic added to this, this is considered as Satwik food. Our Ready Mix Kumbakonam Arisi Upma is a combination of perfect Ponni Rice with good quality of Lentils, red chilly, pepper, rock salt etc gives the guarenteed taste of our Grannies making of Authentic Kumbakonam Arisi Upma.


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