Turmeric Powder


Organic Turmeric Powder   A Set of 2 packs x 100 gms = Rs. 100/-

What is organic turmeric? : Any turmeric which is grown not using any artificial pesticides, manure etc. Organic farming of turmeric will rely on natural manures such as compost, biological pest control methods etc., rather than spraying harmful pesticides which somehow enter in our body causing various health issues. Crop rotation, salinity control of soil, predatory beneficial insects, turning soil after crops, etc are some of the methods of Organic farming, to make the crop is Free from Weeds but without pesticides. Also the manure to the crop is also natural where gree manure or compost is used to make the crop healthy.

Aaharam’s Organic Turneric Powder is made with pure Virali Manjal, purchased from farmers, naturally dried in sun for removal of moisture, and grinded to pure powder for perfect aroma, taste and flavor suitable for our Indian Cuisines. As such, our Turmeric Powder are little expensive than the other suppliers.


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